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crafting & conduct workshops

Robert Belle
( Instagram: @artymusgarage )

has been moving in the geek scene since 2001 and got to know the cosplay scene in 2012.
Then in 2014 he started to work intensively with worbla and many other materials creatively.

For countless theater and carnival groups as well as cosplayers, his tips and advice have led to unconventional solutions. Even for film projects he was allowed to build armor, film props and FX parts.

Since 2015 he gives 20 to 30 workshops a year, is present at countless fairs and is always happy to help third parties with words and deeds.

A project begins with a thought. I help with the implementation
Learning to transform ideas with tangible results
03.streaming channel
I regularly tinker live here and also offer tutorials.
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My Clients say

The courses were really varied. Our visitors had a lot of fun. Gladly again at any time
Comic Con Offenburg
The workshop was super & informative. We will definitely be back. I can recommend it to everyone!
Sabrina V., Buchs AG
Workshop was great! Perfect mix between information and trying out. Course leader (Robert Belle) seems very competent and passionate - big plus.
Gladly again.
Ben G., Biel